Free Zone Belgrade

Belgrade, metropolis that lies on two great European rivers, connects the east, west, north and south of Europe, representing a junction and the shortest route from Europe to Asia.

In this respect, Belgrade, with its traffic potentials, provides exceptional communication capabilities, both in Serbia and abroad in any direction and means of transport. Situated on Pan-European corridors no. 10 and no. 7 Belgrade is the center of road, air, river and railway traffic. Beograd is, as well, the center of all administrative and financial bodies in Serbia and can offer educated and experienced human resources.

PFree Zone Belgrade 2015 was formed on the chosen area designated for the development of the economic activities on the territory of City of Belgrade in order to facilitate administration and access to all the necessary operational recourses, quicker and more efficient realization of the investments and, subsequently, regular business activities in accordance with the Law on Free Zones, Customs Law and other regulations.

With the intention to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of projects oriented to the export business, for the time being we could offer to the investors two locations, nevertheless the Free Zone Beograd continues to develop.